Oct.2023 13
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Advantages of Longitudinal lathes
Because the structure of the longitudinal lathes is different from the traditional CNC lathe, the processing efficiency and processing accuracy of the core machine are higher than that of the CNC lathe.

The longitudinal lathes adopts two-axis arrangement of tools. This design greatly saves the processing cycle time. By shortening the tool exchange time between the gang tool and the opposed tool station, the multi-tool station overlap and the thread chip effective axis movement overlap function , Direct spindle indexing function during secondary processing, shorten the actual idle time.

In the machining process of the spindle and the clamping part of the workpiece, the chip cutting tool has always played a very important role, and it provides a strong guarantee for the constant machining accuracy.

As far as the longitudinal lathes market is concerned, 38mm is its largest processing diameter, which makes the core machine a great advantage in the precision shaft processing market.