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How many CNC machines can a worker look after at the same time?
A skilled person can operate 15-20 machines jc-tooling mainly does all kinds of machining, including CNC, EDM, WEDM, Grinding, PG and so on, not all positions are CNC, the positions are randomly allocated. According to query related information, jiashan fujikang cnc workshop skilled people can operate twenty units, mainly robotic operation, but need to manually to the robotic tray to pick up and put the material.
The number of CNC machines that a worker can effectively look after at the same time depends on various factors, including the worker's skill level, the complexity of the machines, the type of machining processes involved, and the level of automation in the workshop.
In the case of jc-tooling, a skilled worker is capable of operating twenty CNC machines simultaneously. This indicates a high level of expertise and efficiency in handling these machines. The company is involved in various machining processes, such as CNC, EDM, WEDM, Grinding, and PG, which may require different levels of attention and expertise.
It's important to note that not all positions in the workshop involve CNC machines, and tasks are allocated randomly. Therefore, not all workers may be responsible for operating CNC machines exclusively. Some workers might be assigned to other types of machines or tasks within the machining process.
At the Jiashan Fujikang CNC workshop, skilled workers are mainly engaged in robotic operation, which adds a layer of automation to the process. The CNC machines may have robotic arms for material handling, but the worker may still need to manually load and unload materials onto the robotic trays. This indicates that while the automation streamlines some aspects of the process, there is still a requirement for human intervention.
The ability to handle multiple CNC machines concurrently demonstrates the worker's proficiency in task management, adaptability, and understanding of the specific machines and processes involved. However, it's important for companies to consider the safety, precision, and overall quality of production when determining how many machines a worker can oversee simultaneously. Overburdening workers with too many machines could potentially lead to errors or compromises in the manufacturing process. Companies need to strike a balance between efficiency and ensuring the optimal performance of each CNC machine and the overall production line.
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