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Machinery in 2023
We analyzes the precision machinery industry, mainly from the following four aspects:

(1) the definition and characteristics of the precision machinery industry. Precision machinery industry refers to the casting, forging, stamping, cutting and other processes as the basis for precision machining, surface treatment and other technologies as the characteristics of the production of a variety of precision machinery parts and components industry. The industry is characterized by technology-intensive, capital-intensive and extensive market.

(2) Market size and major enterprises in the precision machinery industry. 2022, China's precision machinery parts manufacturing industry benefited from the rapid development of new energy vehicles, wind power and other fields, realizing sales revenue of about 180 billion yuan, an increase of about 20% year-on-year. Among them, the auto parts field accounts for about 40%, the wind power roller field accounts for about 30%, and the air conditioner compressor and refrigerator compressor field accounts for about 30%. The main enterprises include Wuzhou Xinchun, Liande shares, Haier Zhijia and so on.

(3) Industry chain structure and development trend of precision machinery industry. The industry chain structure of the precision machinery industry mainly includes upstream raw material supply chain, midstream precision machinery parts manufacturing chain and downstream terminal application chain. From the perspective of development trend, the precision machinery industry will face the challenges of rising costs and resource scarcity in the upstream raw material supply chain, the demand for technological upgrading and capacity expansion in the midstream precision machinery parts manufacturing chain, as well as the opportunities for structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading in the downstream terminal application chain.

(4) Challenges faced by the precision machinery industry and optimization suggestions. Precision machinery industry is facing challenges and problems such as fluctuating raw material prices and unstable supply, insufficient technological innovation ability and lack of talents, increasingly fierce market competition and increasing environmental pressure. In response to these problems, this paper puts forward optimization suggestions such as strengthening raw material price risk management and supply chain synergy, increasing investment in technological innovation and talent cultivation, improving product quality and service level, and realizing green development.

The purpose of this paper is to help readers understand the basic situation and development trend of the precision machinery industry, as well as the challenges and problems faced, and put forward some feasible optimization suggestions. We hope that this paper can help and inspire readers