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What tonage of injection machine can inject 50g X 2 cavity part?
There are two ways to call injection moulding machine models: 1, tonnage, means clamping force. 2, gram weight, means screw barrel capacity.
There are two ways to call injection moulding machine models: 
1, tonnage, means clamping force. 
2, gram weight, means screw barrel capacity.
Clamping force is to see whether your injection moulding machine can withstand the pressure of the projected area of the product in the mould.
And barrel capacity is an injection whether you can use the material of the product.
1, according to the clamping force selection of injection moulding machine, clamping force = clamping force constant X product projection area
PE clamping constant: 0.32 Projection area: length * width = area. Clamping force = area * clamping constant (injection moulding machine clamping force needs to be 1.17 times larger than the clamping force of the product)
2, according to the barrel capacity selection. Barrel capacity equipment manual has detailed parameters. If your product weighs 70g (plus material handle), then the barrel capacity of the minimum need 100g injection moulding machine. (It is better to use 70% of the total barrel capacity for one injection, too big will be wasted, too small will be lack of material, shrinkage and other problems).
The tonnage of clamping force is not directly related to the weight of the product. Different manufacturers of injection moulding machine tonnage is different, the barrel capacity is not necessarily the same. But basically there can be a rough comparison.
For example: 360T injection moulding machine. The material capacity of 120T injection moulding machine is about 150g. 90T injection moulding machine is about 90g.

So 100-120T machine can inject  50G X 2 cavity mold

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