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What's the difference between centreless grinding and ordinary grinding
Automatic trimming and compensation. Stronger support for larger cutting volumes. Improved dimensional accuracy. Versatility in grinding applications. Limitations in roundness control. Potential odd number roundness. Complex adjustments for different workpiece diameters.
Centreless grinding machines have the following features compared to ordinary grinding machines The centreless grinder can be automatically trimmed and automatically compensated. The guide wheel feeding guide is double V-type needle roller guide wheel with servo motor feeding, which can compensate each other with grinding wheel dressing. The machine is equipped with an automatic loading and unloading mechanism, which can carry out automatic cycle grinding. Then what are the characteristics of centreless grinding machine compared with ordinary grinding machine? Let's take a look!   1、Continuous processing, no need to retreat, clamping the workpiece and other copying time is short, high productivity.   2, bracket and guide wheel positioning mechanism than ordinary cylindrical grinder top, centre frame mechanism supporting good rigidity, cutting volume can be larger, and is conducive to the processing of slender shaft type workpiece, easy to achieve high-speed grinding and powerful grinding.   3、Centreless cylindrical grinding machine workpiece relies on the outer circle in the positioning mechanism, the amount of grinding is the workpiece diameter on the margin, so the wear of the grinding wheel, the compensation of the feed mechanism and the repetitive positioning accuracy of the cutting mechanism error on the diameter of the parts of the dimensional accuracy of the impact of only half of the ordinary cylindrical grinding machine, do not need to play the centre hole, and easy to prior to loading, unloading automation.   4, wide grinding wheel centreless grinder through the type of mechanism, can be used to increase the processing allowance each time, in the plunge-cut grinding can be on the complex shape of the surface in order to shape grinding or multi-grinding wheel grinding, high productivity, wide range of applications.   5、Centreless cylindrical grinder has no mechanism to ensure the relative positional accuracy (coaxiality, perpendicularity, etc.) of the grinding surface and the non-grinding surface, and the roundness is poor in the grinding of circumferential intermittent external surfaces.   6, the grinding surface is prone to produce an odd number of times roundness, such as the larger often cause the measurement of the size is smaller than the largest entity size of the illusion, and affect the assembly quality and performance.   7, the machine tool adjustment is more complex, time-consuming, every replacement of a different diameter workpiece will need to punch to adjust the height of the bracket, and the distance and the relevant process parameters. Therefore, it is technically difficult to adjust, not suitable for small batch and single piece production. Subscribe jc-tooling, to learn more about machinery industry!