Q: What's your main products?
A: Customized Parts of Stamping Mold  & full set of mold (plastic mold and stamping mold)

Q: You make more mold or mold spare parts
A: 70% of the business is customized parts for stamping mold

Q: What spare parts exactly do you make for mold?
A: Anything of the mold, but more like head punches, tools, inserts, sliders...

Q: Do you make injection or punching production in house?

A: No, we don't have injection or punching production, but ok for mold trial, no problem to run the functional test

Q: What industries you work for?
A: Automobile, Medical, Home Appliances

Q: What customers you used to work with?

A: TE, Molex, Kostal, Aptiv...

Q: What machines do you have?

A: EDM, WEDM, Oil WEDM, Grinding, Profile Grinding, Testing machines...

Q: How many workers do you have?

A: < 200workers, devided in 3 independent workshops

Q: What is the lead time for spare parts?
A: Normally is 2 weeks, could be faster for urgent order