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Advantages and disadvantages of vertical injection moulding machine and horizontal injection moulding machine
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Advantages and disadvantages of vertical injection machine and horizontal injection machine

1. Horizontal injection machine has the advantages of high operation, convenience, high safety performance and large size of carrying moulds; the disadvantage is that it covers a large area and the price is relatively high. Suitable for medium and large moulds.

2. Vertical machine has the advantages of small footprint, relatively low price; more disadvantages, such as high centre of gravity, picking up the operation is not convenient, etc., suitable for small moulds.

3. Vertical injection moulding machine pulls the belt to convey the device easy to achieve the string over the middle of the mould installation, easy to realize the moulding automatic production

4. Vertical injection moulding machine has the advantage of ensuring the consistency of resin fluidity and mould temperature distribution within the mould.

5. Vertical injection moulding machine is equipped with rotating table, moving table and tilting table, which is easy to realize insert moulding and in-mould combination moulding.

6. The weight of the mould of the vertical injection moulding machine is supported by the horizontal template for the up and down opening and closing action, which will not occur similar to the horizontal machine due to the gravity of the mould caused by the front fall, making the template can not be opened and closed phenomenon. It is beneficial to maintain the accuracy of the machine and mould in a durable way.

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