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What is the difference between stamping and die casting
Stamping is the process of using stamping mold to cut,fold, bend the  stripe made of iron, stainless steel, iron or copper, to get the required shape, this kind of parts noramlly is 0.1-3mm, there are some can reach 8mm, but it appears with " thin sheet" 

Die casting is the process of melting the the aluminum, copper and other alloys into liquid, and the liquid  will creating different shape by the die casting mold in the  machine, in this case, the die casting part could be very thick, could be a thick plate or a full block with various forms

The objects of stamping mold solid metal
The operation casting die for liquid metal
The size of stamping parts normally is small
The size of die-casting parts is much bigger
The function of the stamping part normally is for connection, conduction, like PCB,Plugs...
The function of die-casting part normally is for functional spare part, like lock, handle, mechanical tools...
The production cost is different, die-casting mold production products need additional processing, such as to polish, chrome plating. So the production cost is about 30% higher than the cost of stamping die stamping products.
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