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How many punches is considered as a qualified Stamping mold?
First,stamping die life

Stamping die life refers to a certain use conditions, the die can be continuous or intermittent completion of a specified number of stamping workpiece number after the die can not continue to use the working life. This life is related to the design of the mould itself, material selection, processing technology, use conditions, maintenance and many other factors.

Usually, we through the mould can be processed to complete the number of workpieces to measure the life of the die, that is, the number of times the die is used. Generally speaking, the standard of stamping die life should be more than 1 million times, some high-quality moulds can even reach more than 10 million times.

Second,the factors affecting the life of the stamping die

1. mould design

2. Material selection

3. Processing technology

4. use conditions

5. Maintenance

Third, the judgement of whether the life of the stamping die is qualified or not

Generally speaking, the life of the mould can be evaluated after 1 million times of continuous stamping. When the completion of the quantitative stamping die, if all parts of the cracks, wear, stretching, deformation and other phenomena are more obvious, it shows that the die has reached the edge of its service life, it should be understood and maintenance or replacement.

In short, the life of stamping mould is affected by many factors, and the qualified life should be more than 1 million times. Correct use and maintenance methods can extend the service life of the mould and improve the production efficiency of the mould.

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