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Accuracy range and influencing factors in mechanical machining
We always here the tolerance from 0.1mm to 0.001mm What kind of machine can reach which accuracy? What else will effect the accuracy execpt machine?

Accuracy in Mechanical Machining: Accuracy in mechanical machining refers to the degree of conformity between the machined part and the intended design. It is usually measured in millimeters or micrometers. Presently, precision machining technologies in industrial manufacturing can achieve requirements at the micrometer or nanometer level. In some specialized fields such as semiconductor manufacturing and precision instruments, even higher accuracy requirements at the sub-micrometer or beyond are necessary.

Factors Influencing Precision in Mechanical Machining:

Material Properties: Material hardness, density, coefficient of thermal expansion, ductility, and other properties can significantly affect the accuracy in mechanical machining.

Machine Tool Precision and Stability: The precision and stability of the machine tool directly determine the accuracy of mechanical machining. Generally, the more precise the machine tool, the higher the accuracy of the machined parts.

Quality and Condition of Cutting Tools: Proper selection and usage of cutting tools can effectively enhance the accuracy in mechanical machining.

Skill Level of Operators: The skill level of operators is also a crucial factor influencing accuracy in mechanical machining. The technical expertise, familiarity with the equipment, and operational experience of the personnel impact the machining accuracy.

Environmental Conditions: A clean and organized working environment, suitable temperature, and moderate humidity also influence the accuracy in mechanical machining.

Accuracy Ranges for Different Machining Methods:

Lathe Machining: Lathe machining is a commonly used method in mechanical machining. The accuracy range for lathe machining is generally above 0.01mm.

Benchwork Machining: Benchwork machining refers to manually conducted operations using cutting, drilling, filing, sawing, etc. The accuracy range for benchwork machining is generally above 0.1mm.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machining: CNC machining involves the automated control of machine tools based on computer programs. The accuracy range for CNC machining is usually within 0.001mm.

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