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The world's top ten mold (fundation of production industry) technology bases
Japan and Germany is always on top! No one will disagreee on this!
Mold processing industry is a very important industry, once known as the world's "mother of all machines". China's mold authorities believe that: mold is a money printing machine; U.S. industry that: mold industry is the cornerstone of U.S. industry. Germany believes that: mold is the emperor of the metal processing industry; Singapore believes that: mold industry is a very important magnetic industry; many countries in the European Union that: mold is gold. Visible, mold industry is a country and region of the product manufacturing level of very important indicators. It is worth mentioning that China had in 1989 in the industrial policy, the mold as a sequence of technological transformation of the machinery industry in the first place!
Japan's mold industry has maintained the world's first mold power and mold powerhouse status, Japan's mold production capacity once accounted for about 40% of the world's first, ranked first in the world, exporting a large number of molds to foreign countries each year. Japan's top five importers of molds and their import share were: South Korea (59.8%), mainland China (18.4%), Thailand (4.3%) and the United States (2.8%) and so on. Japan has a world-renowned Mitsubishi Materials, Sumitomo Electric, Toshiba Tungaloy, Dijet, Hitachi Tools, Japan Tungsten, Fuji mold and other large carbide tool manufacturers. In addition, the Japanese mold manufacturers in technology pay more attention to the polishing and grinding process, the German mold manufacturers by improving the accuracy and efficiency of machining and electrical discharge machining, in order to reduce the time of manual processing.
Japan has about 10,000 mold companies.
Germany is recognized as a powerhouse of mold manufacturing. Germany is one of the earliest countries in Europe engaged in the production of molds, mold manufacturing technology, mold quality by the global user's affirmation of the global reputation, is one of the world's most important high-end mold supplier. German mold manufacturers have formed a consensus: that the whole industry must be coordinated, group efforts, technological innovation, complement each other's strengths and weaknesses, and make progress together, to play a good overall advantage in order to achieve success in the industry. In order to meet the needs of today's rapid development of new products, not only large companies in Germany to establish new development centers, but also many small and medium-sized enterprises to do so, and take the initiative to do research and development work for customers. Germany in terms of research Germany has always attached great importance to become an important basis for Germany to remain undefeated in the global market. In the fierce competition, the German mold industry for many years to maintain a strong position in the international market, its export rate has been stable at about 33%. According to the German Machinery Factory Manufacturers Association (VDMA) data show that the number of mold manufacturers about 5,000 or so!
China has a size of about 30,000 mold enterprises, these enterprises in China accounted for 5%, Sino-foreign joint ventures accounted for 10%, the rest are private enterprises. And on the staff to statistics, a conservative estimate of more than 1 million employees. China Mold Industry Association once from the market size, competitiveness and development potential and other dimensions of the world's 20 major mold manufacturing countries for comparative analysis, and the aforementioned 20 countries are divided into four groups, respectively, for the "all-star" (Germany, Japan, South Korea, the United States, China), "well-known" (Switzerland, Canada, the United States, the United States, China). "(Switzerland, Canada, Austria, Italy, Spain), "Rising Star" (Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey), "Rookie" (Mexico, South Africa, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam)
The United States
The United States is a global powerhouse of mold manufacturing, industry the world's first lineup in the field of mold. The United States is now about 8,000 mold enterprises, 15 people accounted for 60%, 15-50 people accounted for 30%. Due to the high degree of industrialization, the United States mold industry has long been a mature high-tech industries, and therefore at the forefront of the world. It is worth mentioning that the United States mold specialization division of labor is very clear, each mold factory has its own outstanding advantages of the product, basically specializing all the way. For example, the U.S. Synergis mold factory, specializing in doing chassis sub-frame type molds, do progressive molds and multi-position molds.
The United States mold manufacturing industry in the production and operation has the following characteristics:
(1) personnel streamlining:
(2) Product specialization + positioning accurate.
(3) The use of advanced management information systems + integrated management.
(4) process management is very advanced + very high degree of standardization.
Italy mold enterprises in the international level of production technology is a first-class level. Italy's plastic and rubber processing machinery and mold manufacturing industry was once the Italian Machinery Manufacturing Federation of 10 special machinery manufacturing industry, it is important to have more than 500 European patents, a very high degree of specialization, leading technology, product is very diverse, while providing customers with a variety of value-added services. According to reports, Italy's mold and die enterprises, per capita annual sales of more than 100,000 U.S. dollars. Italy's plastic and rubber processing machinery and mold manufacturing industry's output value accounted for machinery manufacturing alliance of 10 industries 16.5% of the total output value.
Italian mold enterprises in the world has a very advanced technology and advanced management, so that the production of large-scale, precision, complex molds, to promote the development of automotive, electronics, communications, home appliances and other industries has played an extremely important role.
South Korea
South Korea is relying on high-tech development of the economic powerhouse. As early as in the 1970s, South Korea due to sustained high growth, per capita gross national product from 1962, 87 U.S. dollars to 10,548 U.S. dollars in 1996, creating the "Han River Miracle". 1996 to join the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the same year to become the World Trade Organization (WTO), one of the founding members of the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Korea's shipbuilding, automobile, electronics, steel, textile and other industries are among the world's top 10 in terms of production. Korea ranks 1st in the world in semiconductor sales and 6th in crude steel production. Korea is a world leader in memory, flat panel displays such as liquid crystal displays and plasma displays, and cell phones. Korea ranks third in the world in terms of the number of industrial robots. As early as 2013, Korea ranked 4th in the world in terms of the number of robots shipped in the manufacturing industry.
From 2014, South Korea will build 10,000 smart manufacturing factories by 2020, transforming 1/3 of the nation's factories employing more than 20 workers into smart factories. According to the South Korean government is expected, through the implementation of the "manufacturing innovation 3.0" strategy, plans to 2024 South Korea's manufacturing exports will reach 1 trillion U.S. dollars, manufacturing competitiveness into the world's top 4.
Singapore is a small country with a population of only 3 million, the Singaporean government attaches great importance to and support the development of precision molds, the introduction of a number of important policies, the purpose is to enable the mold industry to get rapid growth, in order to promote the rapid development of Singapore's economy. Singapore has a variety of types of molds and precision processing-related enterprises more than 1,000, mold annual output value of more than 4.5 billion yuan, Singapore mold processing industry in the Asian mold industry has a fairly important influence and role.
Switzerland has a land area of only 41,000 square kilometers, a population of 8.5 million (2018), but the economic volume in the world is the elephant level, Switzerland has 21 Fortune 500 companies (2019). Switzerland has 21 Fortune 500 companies (2019), and perennially "dominates the list" globally, which involves finance, pharmaceuticals, retail, industrial manufacturing and so on.
Swiss mold giant SCHTTLI, Swiss mold giant FOSTAG, Swiss mold giant KEBO, Swiss mold giant TANNER
Austria is an important global mold manufacturing powerhouse, many of Austria's mold enterprises manufacturing level is very high. Austria's mold factory, although not fully automated mold manufacturing standards, but Austria's mold manufacturing process all use a unified benchmark fixture, no manual calibration links, some repetitive production using robots or robots, Austria's mold high-end equipment in the workshop is also the standard configuration, especially clean and bright workshop environment, as well as the workers' mental outlook reveals the confidence of the craftsmen and so on. Aspects of the Austrian mold industry have responded to the height of the mold industry.
Austria has the world's top mold enterprise giants, such as the world's top ten top mold bureau giants of the Austrian K.T.W is a bottle cap global mold manufacturing leading manufacturers, once in 2011 was acquired by the Husky, KTW molds to provide innovative technological solutions, including: multi-component technology, in-mold assembly and in-mold closure, the cube, single-sided or stacked mold design, the unique EASYcube technology provides industry-leading reliability with flexibility and compatibility with similar specialty cap products.
France's mold is characterized by fully automated molding, such as France in the segmentation of the industry's mold, as far as possible, the use of hot runners (hot nozzles) into the glue, or dive, banana (bullhorn) into the water, all the water outlet must be automatically cut off, automatically fall off. According to the size and structural characteristics of the products, the French mold adopts the design of 1 out of 8, the glue inlet method for diving mouth in the side of the products into the glue, open the mold can be automatically separated. All molds to avoid the ordinary large spout into the glue, by manual post-processing shear spout in order to achieve the spout and product separation so that, for one thing, because of the high cost of manpower, manual post-processing shear spout discrepancy, manual shear spout to use water mouth pliers or knives, rubber parts easy to scratch and produce bad, people are also easy to injury and fatigue. Therefore, manual cutting of sprues is not in line with the guest's concept.
The above is only a one-sided personal opinion, if there are different views, please feel free to correct!
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