Aug.2023 12
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What are the applications of stamping dies?
The stamping die is an important tool in stamping processing that is widely used in the production of various industries. The most important applications include the following aspects:
1. automotive manufacturing:stamping die processing of automotive parts is one of the main applications of dies, such as body parts, chassis parts, engine parts, etc.
2. household appliance manufacturing: products in the household appliance industry also need to be die-cut, such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, etc.
3. electronics manufacturing: Housings, screens, batteries, etc. in electronic products also need to be die-cut.
4. hardware: Products in the hardware industry, such as door locks, pliers, hinges, etc., also need to be punched.
5. medical equipment: parts in medical equipment also need to be punched, such as surgical instruments, medical instruments and so on.
In short, the application range of punching tools is very wide and covers almost all manufacturing industries.