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Whether the hand grinder can be replaced by automated grinder
The need for hand grinder is still very large, just started to enter the industry they are collected hand grinder slowly will be replaced by automated robots, but I entered the mould industry has been almost 8 years, hand grinder has always been still a hot product, some of the mould industry's precision workpieces automated workpieces also can not be done, so that the hand grinder will not be eliminated, perhaps in the future of the work of hand grinder will be less, some automated products require less precision products will be replaced by automated equipment, is the boss's first choice. Some automated products, the requirements of the precision of the product are not high will be replaced by the automatic word of equipment, and save labour and money, is the boss's first choice.
Hand grinder why can not give instead of it, where the specific reasons, later I will give you an introduction: manual grinder features: 1. worktable to the wheel axis centre distance of 385 mm, large jigs and dressers can be used. 2.
2. Saddle slide for the V-type and flat design, affixed with Teflon (TEFLON) wear-resistant sheet, so that the table movement is light and fast, to ensure its accuracy. 3. Electromagnetic pump to control the lubricant continuous cycle, lubrication of all the slide, up and down the front and back of a few screws.
4. The column adopts H-type structure with high strength and wide span slideway, the spindle does not vibrate to ensure the accuracy of finished products.
The spindle of the hand grinder is characterised by 5. The spindle uses ultra-precision (P4) grade ball bearings, with the shaft end deflection below 0.003mm, sealed grease lubrication to ensure long life, and simple and easy replacement of the spindle.
6. Dust-absorbing system is integrated with this machine, saving space and chips can be easily eliminated. 7. Complete accessories are suitable for all kinds of grinding processing, giving full play to the performance of the machine. 8. Main castings such as base, saddle, table, column.
The material of FC30 and FCD35 is high strength and wear-resistant cast iron, together with the internal super-strength reinforcing ribs, and through the forced tempering treatment to eliminate the stress, in order to eliminate future deformation, and to maintain the precision of the machine. The main castings such as base, saddle, table and column are made of FC30 and FCD35, which are high-strength and wear-resistant cast iron with internal super-strength reinforcing ribs and are subjected to forced tempering treatment to eliminate stress, so as to prevent future deformation and maintain the precision of the machine.
The above are the opinions of JC tooling for specific characteristics of the hand grinder, hand grinder's why can not be replaced by the reason, workmanship is more precise, demanding, the whole machine are used in Taiwan original products.

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